Price AU $49,500 Make an offer

AU $49,500 Make an offer
'The Rose' Is the most unique and well built steel boats I have come across in my travels. The outside has many features for safe off shore sailing. There are systems in place for you to pull your self up and back on deck if you fall overboard, there are solid high handrails around the deck, there are steering and sheeting systems that are easy to use and easy to get to if you have a breakage at sea and need to fix it in a hurry. There is a great balance of old and new with some very traditional fixtures and some modern comforts. The thing about this boat that really caught my eye was having the opportunity to go below deck to see the hidden treasures below. This boat is one of the hardest boats to explain you need to step onboard for your self to truely understand her value. Built by her owner over many years This gem is quietly tucked away in Garden Island. 'The Rose' has been a true labour of love you can feel its energy. If you are looking for something blue water compatible and you want something a bit different you can not go past this one she is a one of a kind and built to perfection. MORE DETAIL COMING
South Australia
Port Adelaide SA
Family, Leisure, Cruising
1990 approximate
35' 0" - 10.67m
Hull Material
Mast / Rigging
Gaff rig main sail on main mast and Mizzen

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