Flying Fifteen FF15

Price AU $8,000 Or nearest offer

AU $8,000 Or nearest offer
The Flying Fifteen is a high-performance planing boat which is now one of the most popular one-design keelboat class in the world. (The "fifteen" refers to its waterline length. ) It is capable of some 14 knots on a reach without the problems arising from capsize or trapeze and is easily transportable and stored. It is arguably the safest, most exciting small yacht available. Mixed crews are common.

The boat can be trailed behind a small family car and can be launched off a slip. At a glance:

The Flying Fifteen was designed in 1947 by the famous British yacht designer Uffa Fox and has since become the largest fixed-keel class in the world with over 4000 boats.


2006 First - Walbourn Trophy - BRUMBY
1010 First - E-MarineWorld Trophy - LEAN ENUFF
2011 National Champion - FORM 3020
2011 First - Walbourn Trophy - FORM 3020
2015 Second ACT championship - NEVER AGAIN 2
2019 VIC Silver Champion - Reliance 60/5+1" [no name]

It has one main, jib and spinnaker, all in racing condition and present near new.

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South Australia
North Haven
Leisure, Racing
20' 0" - 6.10m
Hull Weight 136 kg approx
Keel / Ballast
169 kg
Hull Material

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